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What is NEM?

Schedule NEM (or Net Energy Metering) allows energy-users to receive credits from their utility company for helping to produce some of their own energy. A special utility meter is installed along with a small amount of energy-producing equipment. As excess energy is produced and sent back to the utility grid, participating energy-users receive credits that they can use in the nighttime. A typical home that is enrolled in Net Energy Metering will see close to 40% savings on their electric bill.


  • Sell power back to the utility during the day
  • Receive energy credits at night
  • Save money

Did you know…

Most homes in California have been retrofitted with a smart meter to calculate on-site renewable energy production. The purpose of Net Energy Metering is to cap energy rates, reduce on-site energy consumption from the utility and provide a sustainable energy future for our communities.

California’s utility companies operate as small monopolies regulated by the State of California. As such, they need permission from the state to set prices and are often required to offer discounts and benefits to their energy-users under various programs. Since electric bills fund these programs, energy-users pay for them whether they are benefitting from them or not. If you can benefit from one or more, you definitely deserve it.

Solar works with Schedule NEM and can produce the energy you need for your home. A number of programs currently allow homeowners to go solar at no cost and pay less than their current energy bill. We can help you find the best plan for you and guide you from start to finish.

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