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1.Free Consultation

A SolCal Energy Solutions Specialist educates, answers questions, goes over bills, and tells you how much you can possibly save.
Our reps are covid ready

2. Create Discount Plan

Our team of engineers will take measurements and assess your home. Then design the best solar plan for you.
Our reps are covid ready

3. Permits and City Action

Our team ensures a smooth process of getting permits from your city and local utility company
Red tape is not a problem

4. Installation

Once all paperwork and approvals are in place a smooth installation begins
Perfect solar install

Advantages of Net Metering and Solar Power

Provides renewable energy

Reduce your carbon foot print!

Gives you control over power bill

Stay comfortable with a fixed monthly payment for over TWO DECADES

Allows you to save money today
and into the future

Guarantees are in place to protect and ensure energy savings for
25 years

Keep the lights on
during a blackout

Don't let the utility company decide
when you should have power

$6 for 6 Months!

SolCal Energy Solutions is fortunate enough to have the ability to give back to the community during these financially trying times.

Yes, you read it right! For all homes that move forward now through April will be granted $1 a month Solar payments for 6 months, some homes may qualify for additional cash relief, too!

Offer ends on April 30th

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